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To Book or Not to Book? August 16, 2010

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America is a country in love.  The divorce rate may not confirm that fact but try to book your wedding and it will slap you in the face.  Americans are in love and are booking the wedding venues to prove it.  Engaged in August and want a nice Fall wedding a year from now? Good luck. I know that because my venue is booked until 2012.  Which brings me to the all important question…can you book your wedding venue before you are engaged? And if so, should you tell your future fiance?

My father says yes, my mother says no. My boyfriend who has not actually proposed to me says no (proceeded by an expletive, followed by a mad dash to the liquor store). Sure it’s a costly endeavor – they don’t let you reserve venues for free – but it’s the only way to ensure you can get married when you want, where you want. And while I don’t have statistical evidence I find it hard to believe there a 20-some couples who are already engaged and planning weddings for a year-and-a-half from now at my dream venue.  I’m convinced there was a smart girl in that relationship who had the “I know its coming” feeling and went ahead and put down a deposit.  I admire her foresight.  And her secret keeping skills because I find it hard to believe that too many grooms-to-be would go along with this idea.  Perhaps they don’t understand how difficult it is to find your dream venue, available during the perfect season, with just a year’s notice.

So would you do it? Book your wedding venue pre-ring and keep it a secret? Maybe that’s why so many husbands-to-be think venues can be book a few months out…they don’t really know that they’ve already had it booked for months.

Cedarwood - the venue that sparked the all important question


One Response to “To Book or Not to Book?”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    The fact that this has become inspiration for a blog has just given me a WHOLE new reason to log onto the internet.

    your #1 fan

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