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Obama Didn’t RSVP to my Wedding August 17, 2010

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I understand you are the President, Mr. President, but I was getting married. Who knew that the Real Housewives of DC would make it into my wedding thoughts? Well probably everyone who knows my love of trashy TV, but not you readers! My favorite Brit to hate, Cat, has been holding a personal grudge against president Obama because he failed to RSVP to her wedding. He was probably busy at work or something. I hear being the president is time consuming.  I have to wonder though what are the etiquette rules on RSVPs.  I’ve always operated under the principal that you have a two week grace period after the written RSVP date. This may be because I’m habitually tardy at sending correspondence and hate send stamps (HATE). So what are the real rules?

After doing quite a bit of research the only real advice I found was on whom to invite, whether or not to ask your weird cousin you hated in fourth grade, and so forth. So maybe cut your guests some slack and give them a grace day or two, or week. Or if you are my friend let me just email you (yes I know a hand written note is worth a hundred emails).

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