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A Great Wedding Etsy Find August 25, 2010

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I tend to love small knick-knacks with absolutely no purpose in life.  They fill my shelves, eventually get relegated to the basement, and then get thrown out when my not-yet-fiance thinks I won’t miss them anymore. I always miss them. Even if they serve no purpose they are a part of my life and most importantly my design aesthetic. I can tell you now I have a very homey basement. Perhaps why I love wedding so much is because for one day my whimsical design sense can take front seat and nothing will get banned to the basement.  Which brings me to my current Etsy love, Party Poms.

I’ve seen Party Poms featured in a few different weddings and the look can be anything from classic chic to whimsical and bohemian. For a more tailored look Party Poms look great strung with real flower balls and strung from the ceiling or tent.  For a more whimsical look I love the idea of grouping Party Poms with paper lanterns.


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