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Can I Have Some Gems? September 29, 2010

I love Say Yes To The Dress. It’s safe to say I love everything wedding related dresses being of my foremost obsession. Only after securing an actual engagement ring. Last weeks episode featured divas and my favorite seemed to have a bigger obsession with her wedding day jewels then with her actual wedding dress. I like this girl. So here are some gems I would love to have at my own wedding.

How High the Moon Ring: $28 at Anthropologie

Prance With Pavo Earrings: $188 at Anthropologie

Crystal Drop Necklace: $98 at JCrew

Tassel Stoneset Necklace: $138 at JCrew

Throw in a little something blue with your jewelry or just a little vintage flair. Either way these are all pieces you’ll want to wear long past your wedding day. Now go get yourself some gems!


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