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Marry Me? October 1, 2010

My original proposal story went as so…boyfriend secretly secures job in New York City, purchases apartment without me knowing, suggests we go on a walk through the West Village and then sneak into an apartment building, as we are walking by “our” door he slips the key in and opens the door, inside I find a puppy, some candles, and an engagement ring secured to said puppy with a bow. After my boyfriend convinced me he was never moving to New York City my engagement story went as so…both families go to Florida for Thanksgiving (reality), boyfriend suggests we go on a walk on the beach (I love walks apparently), halfway through the walk we come upon “Will you marry me?” in the sand, we return to our condo to find both our families already in celebration mode since they were in on the secret. It’s like a spur of the moment engagement party! Needless to say I returned from Florida non-engaged and am approaching yet another Thanksgiving…

Engagement story number three? Oh yes I have one…spa weekend at Bedford Springs Resort turns proposal and wedding planning trip all in one! Story number four you ask…the not-yet-fiance pretends to be going to Florida when in reality he is waiting at home to propose. The puppy may be involved again. Later I find out I actually have the next few days off to enjoy my bliss moment – my whole team was in on it even using a fake schedule to throw me off! This was my most recent engagement story…since I came home to find an empty house I’m guessing it’s onto engagement story number five. I quite like that photo of the girl with balloons. Maybe the puppy will be in a room full of balloons.

Is it inappropriate to write your own engagement story? I can’t help that I seem more romantic than most the men I’ve dated (although the not-yet-fiance is the most loving person I’ve ever known). I don’t think I’d want him to go as far as a proposal planner but I won’t lie and say I haven’t dropped more than a few hints about that darn puppy…

How involved were you in your proposal?


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